Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scarves......They're Not Just For Winter Anymore!

Ahhhhh, the scarf.  There is nothing better on a cold, winter day than throwing on your favorite sweater and wrapping your neck in a fabulous scarf.  Nice and warm.  Warm.  This is how most of us think of scarves.  But, as you know I love to do, let's step outside the box and think of another word to associate with the scarf!  Summer!!!!!!!!

The scarf has made a comback.  The scarf has been turned back into a major fashion accessory.  I love the pictures from the 50's and 60's of women with their hair wrapped so beautifully in a scarf.  Grace Kelly was the epitome of beauty in her scarves!

But at some point, the scarf turned from an accessory to a necessity for warmth.  My first scarf, and  still my favorite, was a Burberry plaid!  My Burberry scarf will forever be in my wardrobe but it is definitely a warm scarf!  But, I love scarves!  Love them! I want to wear them all.the.time. So, it has been so fun the last couple of years to see the popularity of lighter weight scarves.  They are everywhere!  And now they are showing up for summer. 

Summer?  Yes, I said it!  Summer.  Or Spring, if you prefer.  But the scarf is not just for warmth anymore!  The lightweight scarves are everywhere: Dressing up tank tops...
Mixing it up with patterns......
In DIY tutorials......
And one of my favs, in the hair.....

There are so many ways to wear the scarf!  Don't get into the rut of just wearing them one way.  Depending on your outfit or the temperature outside, you can mix up the way you wear your scarf. 

Don't be afraid to just wrap it around and try some different things.  I use my Stella & Dot brooches to do this one a lot!  Nothing wrong with adding a little bling to your scarf:

Now, eventually you will run into a major problem with your scarves.  Where do you put them all?  Oh, the problems we fashionistas have to deal with.  It's a hard life!  I have tried a few different things.  I put hooks on the inside of our coat closet door to hang them on.  All fine and dandy until I started getting more and more scarves.  This is my latest way to organize them, a simple 5-tier trouser hanger:

This one is great if you have some space behind a door.  A few tension shower rods and you have instant organization:

 And if you have some extra hangers and some shower rings, this one is simple and easy!

Some final tips for adding scarves to your wardrobe: Use them to add a pop of color to any outfit.  Use them to dress up a simple t-shirt or tank top.  Use them as an easy way to mix prints.  Need a belt?  Wrap one through your belt loops!  Be fearless in your scarves.  Check out my Pinterest Scarf Board and my Pinterest Styling Board for more great ideas on how to wear scarves any time of the year!

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