About Style U

Style U is a fabulous styling opportunity for you!!  I know I just feel so much better about myself (even on a fat day or a bad hair day) when I am styled and blinged out! I am proud to say that I love to look "put together."  Just ask the Kindergarten moms last year.  I know I saw many an eye roll when I showed up for pick up in full bling!
So, I want to help you feel good about yourself.  Your style is yours.  Maybe you know what it is and maybe you are still trying to figure it out.  Are you a biker chick?  A classic?  A trendsetter?  Boho?  There are so many options and combinations.  My goal is to help you shop your own closet to find your style. 

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and a lot of that comes from how we look.  But, we need to dress for ourselves, not anyone else.  What makes you feel good?  If you are still trying to figure it out, I can help.  If you already know, but just want a little update, I can help.  If you have no clue, I can definitely help.  We all have style!  Let's find yours!

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