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Closet Shopping - $50 for Two Hours

Do you have items in your closet that you bought but now you don't know how to wear them?  Do you have those certain outfits that are your "go-to" outfits but you are getting a little bored with them?  Do you wish you knew what those one or two items to add for the upcoming season that would bring your wardrobe some new life?  This is the perfect package for you!

Casey will come to your home and shop your closet!  The average client can find about 8 new outfits out of clothes that they already own.  A different view of your closet can reveal a completely new wardrobe.  She will put together outfits, take pictures and put together a portfolio of your new outfits.

Casey will also recommend some additions that will breath some life (and color!!) into your wardrobe.  Remember, the goal is to enhance YOUR style and make you the fashionista you want to be!

Let's Go Shopping - $100 for Three Hours

Do you wish you had someone to go shopping with you that was totally focused on finding you exactly what you want?  Casey will go shopping with you to find that special outfit or those great additions to your wardrobe.  She can share with you some of the unique shopping available around the Metro area or meet you at the mall at your favorite spot. 

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