Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stella & Dot

A little history and how it works.
Stella & Dot was started about six years by an amazing woman named Jessica Herrin.  Jessica first created the amazing company of  I planned my entire wedding on!  After selling the company to the Knot, she was looking for something new.  She started designing jewelry and holding in-home trunk shows.  Out of all that grew Stella & Dot.  Stella was Jessica's grandma and Dot was her partner, Blythe's, grandma.  They were inspired by vintage pieces they each had gotten from their grandmother's.  You will see a lot of beads (The La Coco collection) and brooches in the line, very reminiscent of vintage jewelry.

Stella & Dot is an amazing company to work for.  We do in-home trunk shows for amazing women.  The parties are so much fun!  I get to meet women from all walks of life and help them bling up just a little!  It is really a great job.  I make my own hours, spend my working hours with fabulous women and get paid really, really well to wear jewelry!

What started it all:
The Petra by Stella & Dot  $98

Yes, this is what did it.  It started the obsession with beautiful, trendy jewelry.  Ahhh, the Petra.  I wear this beautiful bracelet with so many things.  It is so versatile.  You may look at this and think it is so dressy and you could only wear it with a little black dress (which I do) or for a dressy night out (which I do)!  But, I look at this piece and think white tank top, cute scarf, skinny jeans and the Petra!  I wear it with everything! 

The great thing about a lot of the Stella & Dot pieces is their versatility.  They can go from casual, to office, to evening, to weekend with no problem.  Just like with basic clothing pieces, some basic jewelry pieces can be layered and switched up and worn in so many different ways. 
Layer, layer, layer

My one rule of thumb, even on those t-shirt and jeans days, is to put on some jewelry!  No excuses.  It doesn't have to be anything over-the-top or blingy (well, for me it usually does!), but a simple necklace, earrings and a couple of bracelets just pulls everything together.  One of my favorite simple necklaces right now is the Caroline.  It is completely adjustable, with a brown leather cord and a mix of silver and rose gold.  Yep, a mix!!  The latest trend for the spring is mixing your metals.  Gold and rose gold.  Silver and gold.  Whatever you want, anything goes!
The Caroline, $59

Let's talk rings.  Usually referred to as Cocktail Rings, I wear them with everything.  A big ring just seems to add so much to any outfit!  I love turquoise.  Stella & Dot knows turquoise.  I was so excited when this new spring line came out and this is what I saw:
Odyssey Ring, $59
All of the Cocktail Rings are fully adjustable!  Such a great feature when you are wanting to wear them on different fingers.

You really must check out the line,  You can order directly from my website and if you are local and want to have a party, I am your stylist!  I would love it!  Also, if you are not local, I can certainly help to find you a stylist in your area!  The hostess rewards are amazing and you can earn upwards of $250 or more in free jewelry!  You can't beat free jewelry!

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