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Welcome to my handmade line of scarves, purse/pony tail scarves and scarf belts.  Check back often for new fabric and new products!  Click on the link to the store to purchase.  More fabrics are available in the link to the store.  Please email me with special requests.  I am happy to customize, to the best of my abilities!
Infinitey Scarves: 13"x72" (in Isabel)
Scarves: 13"x60"   (in Isabel)

(in Patti)
(in Lynette)
(in Caroline)

 (in America)

(in Black & Grey)

(in Coal)

(in Fire)

(in FunAtTheZoo)

(in GardenParty)

(in Gloria)

(in Kim)

(in Lynn)

(in Nancy)

(in WhiteCircles)

Purse/Pony Tail Scarves: 4"x38" (approx.)

Scarf Belts: 4"x60"  (in Pink Zebra)

Please go to My Store to place an order!  All styles are available in all fabrics, even if it isn't shown above.  Right now, everything is free shipping and if you are local, I will deliver personally!  Thanks again for supporting me and my new ventures!

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  1. I love the Hilani folded into a bow, I'm gonna change mine to that. I love the belt too!