Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ahhh, my favorite acronym of the season!  It is music to my ears.  Oh, you don't know what it stands for?  Come on, my fashionistas! 


You could say this is all Brad Goreski's fault!  Brad's show is where I first heard pop of color.  His pop was his socks.  Fabulous for the men in your life, but I am not wearing socks all that often lately!  So, how can you add a pop of color into your wardrobe this spring or summer?  The possibilities are endless.

Even if your wardrobe consists mostly of neutrals and you don't normally wear a lot of color, it is easy.  Don't be afraid of the color.  This is where you can be very creative without it being too overpowering.  Color is fresh, color is fun and color is easy!

So, where do you begin?  Begin with something easy.  Belts.  Right now, skinny belts are really in!  You can pair them with a great pair of capris and a little white t-shirt.  You can wear one with a short sleeved cardigan.  They really are very versatile.

Beautiful colors:

Let's talk my favorite, shoes!  Shoes!  Shoes!  With shoes, the possibilities are endless.  Flip flop, wedges, peep toe pumps, ballet flats. And don't be afraid to mix your beautiful pop of color shoes with a top of a different color!  Because if one pop of color is good, two is great! Go wild! 
Last but certainly not least, we will once again discuss scarves!  Yay!!!!!  I love scarves.  I love scarves so much that soon, very soon, I will be launching a line of Style U Scarves, all handmade and all with a pop of color!  Stay tuned for my scarves, but until then, use scarves as a super easy pop of color!  You can wear them in a ponytail, as a belt, on your purse, and a million different ways around your lovely neck!

Now, let me add that there are other ways to add that great pop of color.  The most obvious, and maybe the easiest, is in your jewelry.  Bright bangles, big earrings, a fun necklace.  Instant color and an easy thing to mix up and change.  Purses are a fun way to add color.  Don't worry about "matching" your purse to your shoes or any other fashion "rule"!  I have a great blue bag that I use in the spring and this year I plan on using purse scarves to help dress it up.  A purse scarf is also going to renew my old standby, my black Coach purse.

On that note, as I've alluded to, I have been a sewing machine (no pun intended), thanks to my great pal, Hilani of Handmade by Hilani.  She taught me how to use my sewing machine and I have been spending every waking minute sewing a plethora of products for all of you to buy to add your pop of color to any wardrobe!  When I say every waking minute, I mean it!  My children have no clean clothes, my husband very carefully just asked me "Honey, can I help you with dinner?" and the house looks like a bomb went off, but I am doing it all for you!  So, the products will be up in my new online store soon.  Very soon!  Just as soon as I figure out how to get a good picture of the products. 

Thanks everyone!  Remember, don't be afraid to find your style!


  1. I did have to come see P.O.C. -- great fashion tips! Thanks for linking on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! Hope to see you again soon – the links are open!

  2. Thanks, this was such a fun read! And I am definitely gonna have to get me a skinny belt! I'm so behind, I'm still wearing the fat ones that were in a few years ago... found you over at Lines Across My Face tonight :)