Monday, May 7, 2012

Where have I been??

I know.  Don't you hate it when someone creates a blog, does a few posts and then goes MIA??  Me too!!  So, I apologize to everyone for going MIA.  But, it was all for a good cause!

I hosted my first Style U by Casey Scarf Show.  Yay me!  Now, we have all heard of the Home Shows.  Our moms went to Tupperware, we do Pampered Chef and Stella & Dot.  The parties are so fun.  There is usually food, wine and good friends.

My best blogger buddy and business inspiration, Hilani of, decided we should pool our resources and have our own home show.  

Here is the recipe for a successful home show:

1.  Invite every single person you know.  Dig deep.  Dance classes, school, gym, old friends you haven't seen, nice friends, crazy friends, dog park friends.  Don't limit yourself.  Women love parties!!  And they especially love parties with hand-made gifts and yummy food!
(these are my best buddies (photo taken at an 80's party).  See, invite EVERYONE!!  Even the crazy ones!)

2.  Have plenty of inventory (hence the reason I have been MIA!!).  Also have Special Order forms.  And the best piece of advice from business guru, Hilani, have customers pay up front for special orders.  Second best piece of advice from Hilani, get a Square Up account, and take credit cards!! Mo' money comin' your way!
Partial Inventory:

3.  Have some yummy food.  And coffee.  And if it is at night, cocktails!  Food, food, food!  Pinterest was invented for Home Shows!
(this food wasn't really at this party, but it sure was yummy!)

4.  Have fun!  

Sound easy??  It is!  We had so much fun!  Here are some display pics to wet your appetite for your own Style U by Casey scarf:
The Derby Scarf (last one available!)
Silky Animal 
Purse Scarves
Scarf Display

The Audra
 Blue Linen
 Coral w/ Crazy Stripe
 The Derby (I love this scarf!!)

Stay tuned next week for three new products that customers requested.  So fun and great to get suggestions and be able to create products for customers.  Summer is right around the corner and these new products will fly off the dining room table!  


  1. You're so funny, and giving me too much credit! And seriously, the 80's party picture...LOL. It's great!

    1. I don't give you enough credit!!! And yes, the 80's picture!! What better way to show crazy?????

  2. Crazy is a compliment! Super-cute scarves. I love mine!